Talent Pro FAQ’s

What is Talent pro

Talent Pro is Genki Talent’s candidate development and advisory platform. Talent Pro offers professionals at all stages of their careers, tools to supercharge your job search, and development guidance to help you grow as a leader and advance in today’s competitive marketplace. All products are modular, and clients can select only the support services they need. Where you need help with the basics or more advanced career coaching, our team of Experts is here to help. 

How do i get started?

Getting started is only a few clicks away. Talent Pro’s 6 core products groups offer various levels of engagement, all built for maximum flexibility and transparent pricing If you need a basic level service, our team can get started right way. For more advanced career development focused products, our team will set up a consultation meeting with you and begin our market leading advisory services after we know more about you and your career goals.

How do I communicate with Talent Pro Experts?

Our team of experts are available across various platforms and in person in a few global cities. Email, phone, video conference, and messaging apps are used to tailor communication around the client’s preferred platforms. You can also always reach us by using the chat tool located on our homepage.

How does Talent Pro protect my personal data?

Regardless of the products you select, the Talent Pro team is serious about protecting your data.

You can find more about our policies, protections and conditions of using our services;

Cookie Policy


Privacy Policy

Why does Talent Pro ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

To fully understand your background, work experience, career successes and future goals, our team of Experts engages with each client in detailed career assessments. This engagement might cover confidential project work, trade secrets, or other information not publicly available. To ensure clients are comfortable sharing 100% of their background, we happily sign an NDA, so clients know their information is safe with our Experts. Without the highest ethics and professional discretionwe wouldn’t have a business. 

Can i cancel at any time?

Talent Pro is not a subscription based auto-renewal service. Instead we believe you should only pay for the services you want. All products are fixed-fee, one-time charges.

Why are some categories ‘Register your Interest’ only?

We are still working to perfect certain products for Talent Pro. Rest assured, these products will be go-live within the next month. Check back soon! 

My question(s) are not included on this list. How can i get help?

We are delighted to help answer any questions. Please send a short note to our chat function or via the contact page

Resume Pro FAQ’s

Will Resume Pro help me get a job?

Resume Pro is designed to present your professional background in the best possible way. While we cannot guarantee you get hired, our team of Experts have screened almost half a million resumes and hired over 50,000 people, just like you. We know what a good resume includes and will help make sure your document is top tier. 

How does Resume Pro improve my CV?

Resume Pro combines both human review and technology automation to ensure your resume is well written and also designed to successfully pass application tracking systems and screening bots. If needed, we convert your resume to an easy to read format for recruiters and companies. 

Will the Resume Pro team help me make edits?

Depending on the product level you purchase, our team will provide either a one-time resume writing support service (including a reasonable Revision Period),  or unlimited writing and revision support over a time period. Our goal is to make sure you are delighted with our work product and best placed for your next career move.  

What criteria does Resume Pro use to benchmark my CV?

Our Experts review, evaluate, and score your resume against a cohort of similarly experienced industry professionals. Over 50 criteria across presentation, communication, consistency, leadership, and competitiveness are scored through a propriety weighting algorithm. What are the exact 50 criteria? Well – that’s our secret sauce so you’ll have to trust us. 

Career Pro FAQ’s

Does Career Pro guarantee job placements?

Career Pro offers a career coaching service (not guaranteed placement) which helps people with things like a career move, managing a new team, negotiating a raise, anything that can utilize expert career advice. Depending on the level of services purchased, we also can help market your resume and professional profile to key industry players to facilitate your active job search. Ultimately, it’s up to you to land the new job – but we give you all the tools to make it possible.  

Why do I need Career Pro if I have LinkedIn?

Networking that leads to meaningful personal growth, industry knowledge and possible future career prospects is not able creating small talk and sending a CV. Our more than 20 years as leaders in the travel industry, personal working relationships with many of the leading CEOs and C-level officers give our clients a far more personal introduction. For the best candidates, we put our full database to work to make connections few in the travel industry can match.  

What can I discuss with my Leadership Pro advisor?

Anything and everything. If you’re job hunting, they can look at your resume, help you update your LinkedIn profile, and do interview prep. If you need someone to help think through pain points, keep up with the latest industry news, or just seek general advice our team of Leadership Pro Experts are there for you. We can even help if you’re struggling with leadership or boss challenges, as our seasoned team can advise on dealing with difficult situations.

I’m already a C-level professional so how can Leadership Pro help me?

Can you do it alone? Sure – some do. But if you’re asking that question ask yourself why are you on this site? Having a career coach gives you that edge, that extra push that will get you better and faster results! There is always some new thing we want to work on…a career move, managing a new team, negotiating a raise…whatever it is, our Leadership Pro team is there to give you expert advice.

Interview Pro FAQ’s

How does Interview Pro mirror the target company interview?

The Talent Pro team have hired over 20,000 employees during nearly two decades of building high growth, profitable businesses in the travel industry. Regardless of what part of travel your target job sits, we have hired the role before. We share insider knowledge for what most companies target in each position. 

Can I select who is my Interview Pro adviser?

We aim to customize each and every client experience. Our full team of diverse professional are at your service depending on  availability. We will do our best to match you with an interview expert most aligned with your background.  

How does Interview Pro score the pre-interview ?

Talent Pro developed our proprietary interview scoring algorithm over the course of nearly 20 years building high-growth, profitable businesses in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. This same scoring and evaluation metrics help build industry leading teams across airlines, loyalty, hospitality and travel technology. It’s a blend of qualitative and quantitative metrics scientifically linked to high-performing professionals – but it’s still our secret sauce.